Alternatives to the Personals Ads
and Internet Dating in Chicago

If you’re like many singles in Chicago, the personals ads and Internet dating may not be your style. Both of these approaches are based on a “transactional approach” to meeting someone. You pay your money to sort through verbal descriptions hoping to pick out someone who sounds interesting, but eliminating most from consideration. Both the personals ads and Internet dating, even if E-mail back and forth for a while or you talk on the phone, still basically involve meeting strangers one-on-one without really getting to see them and get to know them before hand. It is not surprising that this leads to a lot of misrepresentations and disappointments.

Chicago personals ads and Internet dating may not be the answer for you if you like to really get to know someone before going out with them. If you are that type of person, it is better to pursue a “relational approach,” one based on developing a network of friends and getting to know someone through that network. Many find this a less risky and more relaxed way to meet new single professional people. No need to play Russian roulette with often-deceptive personals ads or online written profiles of your potential dates. In this sense, Gourmet Connections is an effective, affordable and comfortable alternative to Internet dating or the personals ads. The club allows you to meet attractive, professional singles as “friends first.” That way, you can determine at your own speed whether you want to you get to know someone better or possibly carry the relationship further.

With Gourmet Connections, members meet each other in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Click here to learn more about becoming a member and meeting other attractive Chicago singles.

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